Martinas Geben I’d rather miss your prom too over your graduation❣️congrats on graduating from Goretti, hope you’re(..)

Martinas Geben Notre Dame offers an amazing environment to grow into a well-spoken, independently thinking, intelligent, and(..)

Martinas Geben SHE SAID YES to running the marathon of life with me... what a horrible idea,(..)

Martinas Geben The Lord is my Shepherd, there’s no dunk I won’t take. He makes me dress(..)

Martinas Geben She say do you love me? I tell her very much so, I also love(..)

Martinas Geben 5 years ago right about now I asked this girl to officially be mine, you(..)

Martinas Geben I wanted a hippopotamus for Christmas, but instead Santa gave me my loved ones, who(..)

Martinas Geben God is great. Free throws are key. Love my team Extremely thankful for all my(..)